We are requiring all traveling teams to stay in our partnered hotels that are on our site and on the 2018 SoCal Cup Hotels site for the SoCal Cup 2018. We are enforcing a “Stay N Play” for all traveling teams to stay in our partnered SoCal Cup  hotels.
These hotels help to give back to the event to help cover field costs, refs, and many other costs associated with the SoCal Cup 2018. Most tournaments use hotel commissions as fundraisers and we are no different.  What makes us different with regard to this policy is we hold every one of our teams accountable.
If you are a local team (San Diego/South Orange County) and not in need of any hotel rooms go to, 2018 SoCal Cup Hotels , go to your event, then click on the “Don’t Need A Hotel” header at the top of the page.  Once there, follow the directions, fill in the required information and submit.
As stated in the Application Information, you must use SoCal Cup approved hotels for ANY team associated reservations.  (This includes everybody associated with your team and traveling to our event.)
Go to 2018 SoCal Cup Hotels and click on your event to view the approved hotels.  Use the information provided in “featured hotels” and “all hotels” to make your selection. Each hotel has a designated event travel manager for you to call and block your rooms.
For any travel related questions, please call Charlene Concepcion at 760-944-7176 x704 | [email protected] | or Ty Smith at 760-944-7176 x703 |[email protected] |


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